Amazon shoppers are using this smart new hack - and it's a total game changer

If you shop on Amazon, you'll love this new money saving trick everyone's talking about. It's a 5-star browser add-on called SmartPurch . While you browse Amazon, it automatically alerts you if better prices are available on other reliable online stores such as eBay, Walmart, Jet, Target and others. Think of it as your personal shopping assistant.

I know what you're thinking - doesn't Amazon already have the best prices? Well, sometimes - yes. But you'll be surprised how many times you'll find that you can get better deals at other stores, especially when you factor in tax & shipping costs (which Amazon doesn't show you until checkout).

Here's how it works:

Shop on Amazon as usual. When you visit a product page, SmartPurch searches other online stores in the background to find the best deals for that product. If a better deal is found, it alerts you within seconds and shows how much you can save. SmartPurch takes into account the final price, including shipping & tax. It also considers delivery time, seller ratings and prime status, so you get the complete picture and can make a smart purchase decision.

Once you click on the SmartPurch notification, you'll see the prices from the other online retailers. You can then buy the product from any of them.

SmartPurch is completely free - so there's absolutely no reason not to use it. Give it a try by clicking HERE. Happy Shopping!